Nike — Dream your 90
For the promotion of the nike hoodie AW77, I've designed a set of 90 cards each one illustrating a football player,
an event or a classic football situation related to its number.

From 1 to 30:

From 31 to 60:

From 61 to 90:

Rejected or unused:

Agency: Sartoria
Art Director: Giuliano Garonzi
Copywriter: Rino Anzi
Illustrator: Andrea Manzati
Personal work, 2015. You can buy it here or here.
Personal work, 2015. You can buy it here or here.
Personal work, 2015. You can buy it here or here.
The Advent Calendar of Cocktails
A cocktail themed advent calendar for EasyJet Magazine. 2014. Zooms.
Night Strip
A long strip to accompany an article about night, sleep and dreams. Migros Magazine. 2014.
Fast Changing
Illustration for FM Magazine about companies and the fast changing environment. 2014.
Kitchen Wall Panel
Wall panel for a furniture expo, 2014.
Personal illustration celebrating summer, 2014. 2 color version:
The Forbidden Fruit
Personal work, 2014. You can buy it here.
The Kitchen
Personal work, 2014. You can buy it here or here.
Fitness Icons
Some Icons done for various fitness articles on Men's Health Uk, 2014.
Personal work, 2014.
Summer Quiz
Some illustrations for the Quiz section of Men's Health UK, summer 2014 issue.
Monthly illustration for the Modus magazine Thinking section, 2014.
Food Revelations Icons
A set of icons about in-flight meals for the Waitrose Food magazine.
Park Icons
Icons for Cincinnati Magazine Park Issue, May 2014.
Kuvva Wallpapers
I am featured on Kuvva with a set of seven wallpapers, you can download and use them all with the app. Enjoy!
London Retail Book
Set of illustrations for the London Retail Book, a project for Land Securities, the largest commercial property company in the UK. Agency: Show Media. 2014.
Futuremag Arte Animations
I've worked with Almasty on some illustration they animated for Futuremag. Here are some extracts. 2014. Futuremag #1 / Les déchets. The video is visible...
Personal work, 2014. Zooms.
Lust Circle
Personal work, 2014.
Personal work, 2014. Animation by Rocketpanda.
UN Calendar 2014
Same as last year, my agency Synergy hooked up with the guys over at Deep on a project for the United Nations and Entico. Fifteen Synergy illustrator were...
Naturaleza Plástica
Naturaleza plàstica, plasticine lettering for the mexican magazine Quo, 2013. Zooms.
The Universe
Personal view of the universe. This is inspired by an illustration on a book about space I used to read when I was a kid. 2013.
Personal project. 2013. Guess the cocktails! Below you can find out names and ingredients. Click on the image to see more. Enjoy! Cocktail names and...
Cosmic Chemistry
For the New Scientist. Cosmic chemistry: do chemical reactions happen in space? 2013.
Health Care
For the HBS Alumni Bulletin, the alumni magazine of the Harvard Business School. 2013.
Burn Off
Various Illustrations for Men's Health UK. June, July, August, and September 2013 issues.
Itching, allergies, mosquito bites, inflammatory conditions and remedies. For Men's Health US, 2013.
Smart Homes
A set of editorial illustrations for Christie's Real Estate Magazine, 2013. It's the magazine of the world famous auction house, seller of all things premium...
Countrylife #1 earth: Countrylife #2 grass: Countrylife #3 night: Countrylife #3 night, animated version: Celebrating the country life. Personal...
Ebooks & Time Banking
Two illustrations about ebooks (first one) and time banking (second) for the iPad magazine La Vita Nòva, 2012.
UN Calendar 2013
My agency Synergy hooked up with the guys over at Deep on a project for the United Nations and Entico. Fifteen Synergy illustrator were involved on creating an...
Retro Roller Skating
Plasticine illustration for Cincinnati Magazine, November 2012 issue.
IL Magazine
Various illustrations for IL, the monthly magazine of Il Sole 24 Ore. Liqueurs, spirits and fortified wines. IL n°45. Moncler jackets. IL...
Online Courses
Plasticine illustration for La Vita Nòva, the iPad magazine of Il Sole 24 Ore, 2012.
FormFiftyFive Header
This is a plasticine header for the FormFiftyFive website, 2012. As they asked for something related to "inspiration", I chose to illustrate what I think is...
Stressed Trader
Plasticine illustration for The New York Times Sunday Review, 2012. The story is about what happens inside our body (physiologically speaking) when we take...
A plasticine illustration for Fast Company Magazine. The article deals with a new food technology: a plastic that dissolves into nothing when heat is...
Space Jam
Full page illustration about space travel for Fast Company magazine, New York, 2011.
Computer Arts UK "Designer's desk" Cover
Computer Arts UK asked me to create the cover for the January issue, 2011. They asked for the same style as my illustration done for WATM magazine, creating...
WATM Magazine Banner
WATM Magazine asked me to create an image banner to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of their website, 2010. That's the artwork I've created. After that,...
The Seven Deadly Sins
This is my entry for the 7Sins competition. Made with Federico Galvani at Happycentro, 2009. The artwork was selected for the international exhibition that...
Typewriter k
A lowercase k, for the Scalacolore "Iter" exhibition in Verona, 2008. Published on Playful 2 by Gestalten, Typeplayer book by Sandu Publications and...